Welcome to SolEol Technologies Corp. a Paris based boutique advisory firm formed in 2001 to facilitate opportunities in Renewable Energy and Water Desalination projects, among others.

about us

SolEol Technologies Corp.provides a full range of high value-added services including project development, contract negotiation and structuring, valuation, and capital market sourcing to energy market participants, as well as advice to institutional decision makers, and training on renewable energies. Since its creation, SolEol TechnologiesCorp.has been instrumental in advancing the development of over 8 GW of renewable energy generation. We welcome the opportunity to continue this success through effective teaming relationships with current and prospective clients.

Our expertise

SolEol Technologies Corp. has a strong experience in leading consulting teams and preparing independent feasibility studies for projects in the renewable industry. It combines technical expertise, financial analysis and structural macro-economic analytical capabilities,as well as institutional advice to governments.

Our offer of Consulting

SolEol Technologies Corp. can prepare and present pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies for a range of renewable projects including:


Estimation and mapping of wind, solar, biomass and hydrodynamic deposits.


Financial modeling and macroeconomic projections


Institutional (legal and political) analysis by country and by renewable energy sector within the framework of the implementation of national policies of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development


Assessment of environmental and social impact (According to the standards required by the World Bank)


Drafting of regulatory texts for national laws on renewable energies, as well as technical texts such as for electrical grid code

Due Diligence

Audit of the technical, financial and legal aspects of renewable energy projects for funding by major public and private financiers, according to the highest standards of bankability


Long experience

SolEol technologies Corp (SET) has a wide experience in the assistance of it’s clients for the development, financing and construction of projects in the Renewable Energy sector. It combines, in house, a financial and industrial expertise, which gives it a unique edge among project developers and allows it to rapidly assess the viability of a project.


SolEol Technologies SAS supervises and conducts all the necessary pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to ensure the bankability and financing of a given project for all its technical, financial, environmental and social aspects ...

Bank Relationship

SolEol Technologies SAS works for the needs of Due Diligence with the largest commercial banks and development banks (NATIXIS, BDPME, CIC, SOCIETE GENERALE, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.).


SolEol Technologies SAS has close links with leading equipment manufacturers and renewable energy equipment construction companies around the world and maintains a constant technological watch in its field of activity.

Our clients

The satisfaction of our customers will always be our priority. For this SolEol Technologies SAS. Accompanies its customers in France and throughout the world on a daily basis through its technical assistance and "Due Diligence" activities for a bankable development of their renewable energy projects

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